Iron City Wranglers Windshield Banner – Bubble

Show off your ICW pride with these awesome, high quality, windshield banners!

3.75″ x 50″

3M 3630 Color Chart



Printed on high quality 3M Graphic film

  • 2mm thick
  • Clear pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • 3.75″ x 50″


3M 3630 Color Chart

Application Instructions

  1. Unfold/unroll decal and lay flat.
  2. Clean the area thoroughly with warm soapy water and dry with a lint-free cloth.
  3. Before removing the paper backing, place the decal in the desired position by using pieces of masking or painters tape (any tape that won’t leave a residue).
  4. Leave one side of the decal taped down and peel the peel the paper backing from the opposite side approximately half way down the decal and rip away the paper backing.
  5. Using your hand, squeegee, or plastic application tool (credit cards and ID’s work well too) apply half of the decal starting at the middle and working towards the end while applying pressure as you lay the graphic down.  TAKE YOUR TIME doing this and keep tension on the decal to avoid it laying down before you want it to.
  6. Apply the other side of the decal by removing the tape you used to hold it in place, and the paper backing.  Proceed to lay down the graphic as discussed in step 5 abvoe.
  7. After both sides of the decal have been placed, remove the opaque transfer tape to reveal the decal.  IF ANY LAYERS TRY TO LIFT while removing the transfer tape, lay it back down and apply pressure to that letter with your hand, squeegee, or plastic application tool (credit cards and ID’s work well too).
  8. Step back, take a pic, and post it on Instagram with #gtsvinyl!


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